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The vehicle, from 2012, also has 5 seats and  Cat C3.4B, mer än 56 kW (75 hp). Cat C3.4B, mer än 56 kW (75 hp). Se alla specifikationer. Offertförfrågan Ladda ner broschyr. Mer information.

Diesel kw to hp

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För enkel beräkning för kW till hp : hp = (kW x 1000)/746. MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (901, 902) 208 CDI, Diesel, 60 kW / 82 hp, OM 611.987, 04.2000 - 05.2006, Platform/Chassis. TUETTE DIESEL. • • • • 48 KW / 65.3 HK. VH4.65. VH4.80 kW hp. ISO 3046-1. EXHAUST.

C0.5 Industriella dieselmotorer Cat Caterpillar

Tractor unit; 338 kW(459 HP); 01/2018; 101,244 km. Bookmark Compare  Diesel MOTOR - två MOTORer att välja mellan.


You can enter an integer or a decimal kW value. After the kW conversion completed, the horsepower value displayed below with kilowatts and hp values. Power calculators for kW to kVA conversion, kVA to kW conversion, kW to HP, HP to kVA, Generator fuel consumption gallons per hour by load. In-Stock Used Cummins kW or hp The SI derived unit for power is the watt.

Diesel kw to hp

Engine designation.
Mowi kran 400

Diesel kw to hp

D2-60. Crankshaft power, kW (hp).

kVA lb kg liter. US gal. 10. 7.46.
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N67 150 110 kW

Engine M4.45 hydraulic. 30.9 kW (42 hp).

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This means that, if you multiply the horsepower by 0.746, you immediately arrive at the number of kW represented by the horsepower. If the diesel engine drives the generator set -- or "genset" -- for one hour, 0.746 kWh are produced for each horsepower-hour, since the time factor of the work is one hour in both variables. Simple really, the more power you produce the more fuel you use. The fuel consumption rate for many makes of Diesel Engines can be found in a range between 0.380 & 0.450 lbs/hp hour; 172 & 181 grams/hp hour; 231 & 243 grams/kW hour. Power conversion table --- Kilowatts to Horsepower Kilowatts Horsepower Kilowatts Horsepower Kilowatts Horsepower 151 202.49 201 269.55 251 336.60 At 72 volts thats 256x72=18,434 watts / 720 watts pr hp = 25.6 hp. So you'd want to compare that against a diesel who's optimal efficiency range put out 60ft/lbs at x hp and 2000 rpm, but, the electric has a much higher fp range if your willing to drop the efficiency some. Deal is diesels are only about 30% efficient.